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za 09 okt



Nous'klaer Audio

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Nous'klaer Audio
Nous'klaer Audio


09 okt 2021, 18:00 – 23:59

Rotterdam, Marconistraat 39, 3029 AG Rotterdam, Netherlands


When Nous’klaer Audio founder Sjoerd Oberman was first trying to come up with a name for his record label, he spent a night talking with Mattheis, the imprint’s first signing. After a few frustrating hours with little inspiration, Mattheis exclaimed “Nous’klaer hè!” – roughly translating as “Let’s go!” or “Now we’re ready!” in their local Dutch dialect. It felt like the right name for the label, which was not formed with a specific masterplan or overarching vision, but simply to release the mind-blowing music that Oberman was hearing in his music community when no one else would. Since then, Nous’klaer Audio has been a springboard for a wealth of Dutch musical talent, releasing early records by now-established names like Oceanic, upsammy, and Konduku. There isn’t a specific genre that Nous’klaer focuses on – on one release you might hear Nadia Struiwigh’s introspective ambient techno, and on the next, Meetsysteem’s Dutch-language indie pop – but it’s all bound by a shared sense of colour, exploration, and expression, with every Nous’klaer artist having a signature sound that’s immediately recognisable as their own. Today, the label has expanded beyond its initial Netherlands origins to introduce artists from as far afield as Germany and Australia, but it still maintains a community focus at its heart – many releases are conceived and finalised during social gatherings at Oberman’s studio. And with Nous’klaer’s track record of discovering vital new talent, there’s a certain level of trust with its listeners: if there’s a new artist on the label that you’ve never heard before, chances are they’re going to blow your mind too.


Gratis voor 19:00 uur, na 19:00 uur €3,- aan de deur


Oberman  18:00 - 19.30 

Nelly Dragon  19.30 - 21:00 

Oceanic  21:00 - 22.30 

Eversines  22.30 - 00:00

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